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About Ifti Tech

Welcome to Ifti Tech Blog. We created this blog to help those who want to do business online, make money on the internet, or learn something new on the internet.

For people like this, we share new information about Making Money Online in Bengali, AdSense, Blogging Tips, SEO, Webmaster Tools, Photoshop, Tech News, Games, Reviews, Making money from blogging, business, and the internet in this website.

We want to provide the necessary information on the Internet in Bengali, that is, in our mother tongue, and to help people as well as to promote Bengali, the mother tongue of our country.

Our goal is to help those who want to earn from home. This is why in this blog we share most of the information related to online business and online monetization.

It is a website for blogging, making money online, social media, creating your own website, running a website, helping website owners and bloggers, sharing the latest and new information tutorials in Bengali.

Helping people succeed is also a special purpose for this website. That’s why we share information about success in life on this website. So that the poor can come together and help them live a better life.

If you want to make money online from the internet then this website is the best platform for you.

Many people in European countries earn millions a month through the internet, but why aren’t we Indians? I and all of you can do it. Just for this, you need to have basic information to make money from the internet.

On this website, you will not only get basic information about making money through the net but also complete information and you will be given every possible help. In it, you will find information about 20+ topics.

If you like our work, you must share it with your friends on this web social media and if possible let other people know about it so that they can all take advantage of the information provided on this website.

The Purpose of Creating a Blog

1. Free blogging, sharing content to help with SEO so that new users can also learn blogging.
2. Helping online bloggers and educating people about doing nothing more from the internet.
3. Providing blogging guidelines in Bengali to Bengali bloggers (who do not know English).
4. Providing all the information related to the Internet, which is helpful for our Indians and is not yet available on the Internet in Hindi.
5. It is not enough, the biggest purpose of creating this blog is to help our country and the people of our country.

About Us

My name is Chitti and I am 20 years old. Besides, I am a student and the founder of this blog. I am a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal. We created this website to help our country and its people.

The Goal of Ifti Tech

The purpose of this website is to provide any new information related to technology in the Bengali language to those who want to know about the internet and technology. This website will be very useful to them. Through this website, you can read all about computers. Here we will bring you basic to advanced level knowledge. We hope you can learn something new every day with this website.

If you get some help from this website, I request you to help someone else, you can help people by creating your own website like us.

If you need any internet or technology help right now or if you have any questions you can email us directly. And you can follow me on social media if you want.

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