Amazing Google Marketing Tools (List to be Updated 2021)

All Google Marketing Tools and All Google Kids: An Introduction to Googling Studies.

Ready to use Google for all the money?

We all know we’re all on Google.

What most of us don’t know and aren’t aware of is that Google is all around us.

Knowing where we are and where we are going (although we often don’t even know it ourselves), what we want, and what we love has already made us aware.

And he uses that information and we are less aware of it.

But if Google is already subtly using us, let’s see what we get in return.

We get Google marketing services and tools.

And Google’s marketing services and tools can also be profitable helpers.

By the end of this text, you will find out which services are offered to you by the most powerful search engine and what tools within those services you can use for your marketing endeavors.

Google Service – Google AdSense

Google Inventory Tools

Want to make money online?

Who doesn’t?

AdSense is a Google service that helps you monetize your blog, website, or YouTube channel.


By selecting advertising messages relevant to your visitors and placing them on your site or channel.

And you need only three easy steps to get started with Google AdSense from start to finish.

1. Create a new account or sign in to an existing Google Account

2. You enter your phone number and account

3. You link your site to AdSense

Steps as light as clouds.

Bajaga, it seems, is just like Google the beginning and the end of everything.

And how do you link your account to the AdSense ad placement tool?

You simply copy to your site the Google code you get when you sign up for AdSense, and that’s it.

Google AdSense and you are now affiliated and starting to make money.

Just so. Makes Sense?

Gugl adsense
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We don’t know how much sense it makes, revenue may be more or less, depending on which niche your site belongs to and where traffic to your pages comes from. Google’s calculator estimates that if you are dealing with computers and mobile devices in Western Europe, you will earn about $ 4,000 a year.

But you’re in Eastern Europe, so that calculation will be a little different. If you work abroad you will be able to collect a little nicer sum from running ads than if you work for the domestic market, but it’s free money.

But is it really “free”?

What about your reputation and style if Google decides what to show when and where on your site?

You lose control in exchange for money.

Still not.

Google left the control door open so you can specify where exactly the ads will appear and choose not to display certain messages on your site.

But even without that, Google AdSense directs ads to your channels according to the content already there. You could say that the choice is yours, though.

So be your money.

Google Ads

Google Advertising Services & Tools

If you sell mobile phones and someone on Google is looking to buy a mobile phone, guess who will be the first to search?

That’s right – your competition.

Google Ads
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But only if you haven’t started to take full advantage of Google’s optimization tools or at least paid to advertise. If you have just made your website or you are not going to bring customers to the site, Google will bring them for you.

It may not be a permanent and sustainable solution like SEO, but it is a great initial boost.

GoogleAds has four sub-services, let’s call them what you use depending on the campaigns you want.

First, there is the part of GoogleAds that is used to create Search campaigns.

Search campaigns work by setting Google to be among the top three or four results when someone searches for something related to your business.

This service will cost you but not too much.

Your money will only be withdrawn from your account if your goal is met.

The goal itself is up to you (isn’t it always the case?)

You decide according to the specifics of your business and whether you want to increase sales, leads, or site visits. But once you say what you want, for example, to bring as many visitors to your site as possible, Google will only charge you when someone actually goes to that site or page.

And how much will they charge?

This already depends on your keyword bid.

Is there really an auction to place a regular ad on Google?

Yes, it does exist.

It’s just that the ad is not ordinary.

It’s still the number one spot on Google, though.

And it is set up for a specific audience that you define very precisely.

And arranged to show up the instant someone in that group searches for the product or service you offer. The problem is, it’s not just you.

In the spirit of fair play or better earnings, we wouldn’t go into that now, enter a mini competition.

So you really compete with the competition.

AdWords or Ads Editor
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Depending on the quality of your site, the amount of your word, and your bid on the given words, Google will determine how much you will pay for each click and whether you will be first, second, or third in search results.


More or less.


More or less, and not until you get into shape.

In any case, you will get used to the GoogleAds policy and most importantly, quickly and easily, with small amounts of money, test what works and what does not, and by earning the power to exceed the cost you pay for GoogleAds ads.

On the other side of the word are pictures.

Google Advertising Service  – Display Ads

Google Advertising Services & Tools

Display campaigns within Google Ads are there to raise awareness of a brand, product, or service. Or that all those who have ever thought of a product intercept their favorite places to decide to buy.

VIDEO ADS and APP ADS work quite similarly:

You create your ad, that is, a video or banner, you select a goal, you select an audience, you set the budget you want, and Google shows it to the most relevant people until you spend the money set aside for the campaign.

So you have the option to see them while watching a video on YouTube, enter the Play Store, or go to a site of interest.

You can also select sites that contain specific keywords and treat specific topics as the location for your display campaigns.

For example, if you sell climbing equipment, then your ad will only appear on climbing-related sites.

Logical, right?

Google also offers you the option of optimizing your own banners to best suit your display location.

Google selects the best candidates for your ad and displays them solely to them based on your landing page and past customer information.

Something a little different is SHOPPING ADS.


Once coupled with Google Ads, Merchant Center allows you to display your products in detail and exhaustively, so that anyone who wants to buy something can do so with one short, brief click.

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There is a REACH PLANNER for displaying on YouTube.

So when you figure out what you want to achieve with your campaign, you choose the type of ad you want and then look for the right section of Google Ads services.

Later, the entire ad selection is done by Google.

But she is not so precise about placing the ad first.

The Google Ads system must first observe and learn. After a hundred conversions, Google is trained.

Then he can simply tailor your advertisements and budget to work best for your benefit.

Google Services & Tools – Google Ads Editor

Google Creative Editing Tools

Do you like to play and test your ideas and your creativity?

Well, there is a way to quickly and easily check that your taste, judgment, and assumptions agree with what your audience thinks and behaves.

Ads Editor is a free tool that lets you easily modify and optimize your campaigns offline.

It is enough to download the set content and simply modify the text, reset it if you change your mind, replace the elements or just create a new layout.

Once you are satisfied you can preview what it looks like now and if you like it in the preview option, set it up. This tool is a really good way to track performance and test different options.

Google Ads Keyword  Planner

Google Keyword Research Tools

Let’s return to the keyword bidding for a moment.

Under one, how to choose the best words? Under two, how do you determine their value?

Google’s answer comes from Google’s puzzle.

In this case, it’s the Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner is a tool for discovering and selecting the most relevant words for your business.

Since popularity is always on the price, it makes sense that the more popular words you want to include in your campaign, the higher the bid you put up.

But so you don’t get too bothered with calculating, Google Keyword Planner gives you suggestions and estimates for how much you should bid on the keyword you’re interested in.

Google Keyword Planner
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Once you’ve found all the keywords that are right for you, you add them to your plan and that’s it.

You can now create a successful Google Search campaign.

If you are good and play by the rules.

And if you’re still good at content writing and SEO, you can use this Google tool quite nicely to improve your position in organic search.

Of course, there are other tools for SEO.

Good tools. And these are good free tools.

And good Google-free tools (yes, we’re talking about Google Search Console ).

But once you hit both SEO and content leads, it’s nice to be able to use everything around you to swim faster.

In any case, Keyword Planner is a good tool that can make your life easier and make your wallet difficult if you plan well.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tools

Analytics. Google Analytics.

Tracking people, knowing when they came, using what language they speak, what habits they have, the secret agent “g 00 look I know everything” knows everything.

Except he knows exactly who he was on your site, how long he stayed there, how he spent his time there, what network he came from, what device he uses, Google Spy or Analytics, and how effective your site content actually is.

And you can, but not have to use, this free spyware Google Analytics tip, like any tip.

And our advice (free) is for you to use.

Google Analytics 
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You sit beautifully, analyze and understand your audience, optimize your pages and deliver the most value to them. If you combine Analytics with the rest of Google’s development tools and can learn all about the flow of your Google campaigns and create custom content for your audience.

There is no other tool that can give you all about Google searches as a Google tool.

For the Google Sea – Google’s Compass.

It is, as it is.

Google My Business

Google services and tools for local businesses

If you want the neighbors’ attention, welcome.

You may not have a chance to be world-famous, but everyone in the city can know about you.

If you have a small nice restaurant, for example, Google My Business is like a glowing ad in the middle of an internet road shouting, “Stop by here.”

Not to anyone, but to just the kind of people who liked it somewhere, but weren’t quite sure where.

Google My Business
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An ideal combination.

If you sign up, leave all your business information, tell Google who you are, what you do, where you are, there is a good chance that your fellow citizens will find you now. Featured cards with a map, hours, and ratings of your customers have proven to be the best way to attract visitors.

So in this case, Google is not looking for anything in return.

And by optimizing your site for local search, you can really turn the flow of your business around.

Google Marketing Platform

Google Advertising and Analytics Services & Tools

The marketing platform is the roof of Google’s marketing building and a site that brings together all advertising services and analytics tools. Integrated in this way, they can respond quickly to the circumstances. And this is where the serious story begins – if something has seemed out of place to you so far.

Divided into two parts, this service, with options for small and large but very large businesses, offers more options to suit their needs.

In both cases, once you register with this platform, you get access to services and tools that allow you to keep track of all the possible parameters and analyze what is happening on your site, applications, and other channels. The small businesses within this Google offering have Analytics, Data StudioOptimizeSurveys, and Tag Manager available.


Google Marketing Platform
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For large companies, there are more advanced options available in larger numbers. In addition to Analytics, Data Studio, Optimize, and Tag Managers, in this variant of the upgraded they also carry the number 360 in their name, as well as Display and Videos 360Search Ads 360, and Surveys 360.

With Display and Videos 360, Google promises better insights, better collaboration between teams who need to understand, analyze and coordinate everything, because, after all, it is a large enterprise with many departments, offices, offices, campaigns.

Consequently, Google guarantees better results.

All the better.

And how not, when such unified Google services and tools allow for detailed planning, instant insight into the state of each ad from every campaign from each channel, adaptation to every new situation, and exhaustive analytics.

In Google’s small 360 empires, there are templates, animations, and so many ways to blend creativity with data, create maps, charts, spreadsheets, a dynamic report that combines multiple sources: Analytics, Ads, Search Console, YouTube, and Campaign Manager.

In the end, you just have to be big enough for this little empire.

To be continued…

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